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correspondent him and then reports. south korea's defense ministry said wednesday that the previous day's rocket launchers were a politician of us to katie calls for resolutions. as the north did not notify any one of the defendant events and the missiles jeopa airliner flying to north korean airspace. this is a violation of un skirted council resolutions and have threatened the safety of a commercial airliner. congrats to stop his publications on them by spain's national standards. defense ministry spokesperson to mean so labelled the losses as explicit acts of aggression against a series of ongoing military exercises by south korea and the us. adding vessels keeping a close watch on the possibility of additional publications to come. the missiles which were re kindle two ballistic missiles and those resources in south korea so where does that. the north passed around a hundred of the muscles in his arsenal. the missiles to live up to four hundred tokens explosives and chemical weapons and dozens of missiles can be watched in minutes. the kindle two has amassed a rate of under seventy km h and
's eight c to eleven defense of the image is contained undesirable need to be with one facial media even commenting on the revelations that i can keep if its cctv on the seas chiefly steve. no she said. both are opting to the school advocates despite this it seems that she faced him i didn't make any attends tea at preventing tried to pull the story to be significant if we can eventually it seems comes to a compromise that might explain the image is from this facial recognition program that they didn't actually think the faces that i eventually they did manage to cut out some of the image is coming for a good thing for all my stuff that i was late in the collection and he still eats at face value packed snow and it is our concern about the us and uk are part of the five guys in there for the sharing intelligence on is that the tissue the nsa has access to be on the webcam storage in all these images. if that we'll carry that weight exactly how much fat. and if they had steve api key weapon in that image is of course that is the question a lot of people. i think reading uniting our heathe
't you. i do. we did. ch the eye sells. steve. when you read the us. one wall will or will . self defense groups in ukraine's crimea as it relates to a main apple and if he is the country's new authorities which they refuse to recognize per cent in on the pre gay. meanwhile the council at some of ukraine's west this is his right wing radicals were pieced it is on display the change of the government he's a scant six to us at that hour. also this not a war among us buying and the abundance of china condemned as america's human rights record. sony washington's fading to me about this i was stunned. let soften the quote of the year of struggles to deal with all the time has just written remains of houses across the continent. auntie. with a the prayer. i know. he's been like for months says i seem to manage with me he missed out on a bad luck to the park ukraine's in brussels president of the to get a call that she is now in the south of russia and is expected in the next few minutes to get his five news conference since being ousted from power. and i will be bringing anti line neo internati
stationed on the peninsula have joined local defense grapes. we'd like to thank the officers his jc to bait the orders of the digits and although it's nice. this is a truly historic day. the system from here the spreading across the south east of ukraine the protests of the thousands that is against the far right nationalist taking up alot of syndicate and as we seldom use diplomatic sword planting but as with the united states is deadly clashes in caracas and beyond. see washington accused of shooting the trouble. and it was a true christian creed patrols the streets of london. maybe it was held to aggressive islam the kitchen the local community has paid its actually something religious base stories and the lake this is the week the bomb on the international. he can wander of ukraine's naval forces has pledged his allegiance to the crimean people. it follows reports that ukrainian troops stationed in the peninsula but either quitting would jointly court defense groups on less effectively putting the authorities in crimea the tantric buddies were freshman has more. on sunday the challenge
and then are probably between the so called self defense class events in the outdoors ukrainian troops the remaining ukrainian troops still haven't stuffed with allegiance to two local authorities. i need for there are reports of shots being fired in the air had any shots herself on the area seem to be safe. well the city is completely safe with our innocence of a knowledge capital of crimea also in sanaa spoke with the wishes of the largest and second largest seaport of the ukraine in general which is pretty crummy there but there was this one incident when tensions role was in between one of those self defense wants it to the boarding one of the airports in the crimea and fifty ukrainian troops along with the officers and representatives of the media were actually broadcasting the fourth choice in life the morris wants you to self defense was trying to enter this airport until they get fired warning shots into the air. asking and asking the troops to stop at the window as we heard on the deal which was broadcast live. some of the people and that's the route were trying to provoke of. the this offe
defense minister and defense ministers are due to the post revolutionary ukraine in one piece a message for alarm but we did hear from honduras of rocks missing the nato secretary general urged russia not to do anything that would quote escalate tension or weakness understanding. he later told a meeting of the nato ukraine commission which is presently i'm having a get together in brussels that the latest developments in the crimea were dangerous and irresponsible he did go on to also call on kiev authorities to me that country forward in what he called an inclusive political process the polish foreign minister also short of alarm over the developments in that part of ukraine referring to the seizure of government buildings is a quote very dangerous game to push the new german defense minister also bring in at her very first nato summit let's take a listen to what she had to say the situation in the ukraine were taken in the ukrainian fills us with great concern it is of the utmost importance that we prevent a breakup of the ukraine and special forces in the country are strengthened. so
in the crimea proposed dangerous and irresponsible also raising the alarm. the new german defense minister now she waited at her very first nato summit in brussels. take a quick lesson. the situation in the ukraine were taken in the ukrainian fills us with great concern. it is of the utmost importance that we prevent the breakup of the ukraine and special forces in the country are strengthened so was concern about da whether ukraine remains in one piece are not the russian foreign ministry meanwhile issuing a statement in response all this saying that the nato defense ministers were sending equal to the wrong signal in their statements urging all sides to refrain from making what moscow referred to as provocative statements. this alarm not just coming from the nato ministers but reflected in the western press as well the news has certainly made front page headlines when a lot of speculation that moscow's decision to hold military drills is linked somehow to be addressed. that notion which the russian defense minister sergei should build disputed that saying that the emergency military drills w
the same. what's the point six billion on this are the among put its modernization. why has the defense minister doctor yesterday. the four guys were in the defence ministry the defence that he must resign. the defense minister must design that is that the buck stops being in the knees and pulling the fifteen new organization can just toss the geeky austin and tough kid who becomes weeks has the capacity to getting tickets in spite of jeans but it was oh so unknown that kind met many nice all its most mundane things tossed in for decades. then another question me some lame seemed adoption. it started chemo might getting the team to members. i suspect that the cause of the season with the incidence has more to do it the lack of chocolate eating and eating the treatment. he's called me he summed up on the sky. low ninety eight. he wants a cigarette by a jokey training he got me a gun safety procedures keep me hanging on his work on getting back on a journey he's gay mecca home the key to a ninety minute meeting on the assumption will be some form to be busy week. in each of the novel and
reducing kept the defense are going to auntie once he was cool design for the middle of it it is related to cincinnati basically the argument that mr the stories mistakenly believed at that time he was acting unlawfully acting reasonably against what he said. he believed that on walls in intrigue and now there was anyone on a witness in the room. i'm not exhausted the stories himself to a key aspect of the space could be if he takes the stand to testify in various legal precedents in south africa on to lead many to believe that it is likely that the wheel in the course is that the next three weeks of sight i'd take to the stand and testified he'll match it's been going to be down very much seen the forensics on to try to paint a picture in the absence all on with the seaside treat awful things like phone records. we understand that investigations of any just got back from the nineteen states with a claim of reportedly two of our main critiques one of mistrust of the story says funds they could be key to find out what exactly was all my sons intensified recorded message freckles and a kin
are patrolled by self defense squads. i am so basically local authorities are currently building their own independent defence ministry and the needy while ikea has been drafting have reserve servicemen. i choose to abort forster of the people there knew it she forces but so far only around one point five percent off these reserves don't know. an anti government sentiment is swimming in the east of the country thousands of rotting against ukraine's interim authorities in the cities of them gets the best of the protest is taking control of local administration buildings in both cities. these are the cutest risky is in ca called the biggest city in the east of the country. well we have reports that several hundred men in on the violently seized with the heat of the local administration building in a sea of vignettes the huge industrial center in the east of the countries in all these activists have the local administration under control and a dumont that the governor which was appointed in the air during the weekend of ikea for one of the oligarchs of the east of ukraine mr donald duck. it d
ago the situation here is to be called. in fact the seats are patrolled by the so called self defense lots more still to be a military bases and artillery are now on to the complete control of local authorities and that will happen without a single shot fired so that is definitely a good side because no one wants a need of any bloodshed. last week you are being fired on in kiev wanting those very violent demonstrations kind of layout was like being in a new deal the things that are not. well i don't feel safe as a journalist right now especially compared to what we saw in kyiv since initially were just going to film protests that persona never expected that the violence would reach for that sort of that level and that still stands though i wasn't targeted personally but some of the people that we are still here with a crew members war including even the government was building its own lab report right now because of the first or just watching the events unfold on independence square in kiev that pretty much this revolution happens on the farm warheads or at least that is only was it w
in five years he had a korea's defense minister at the talks to god almighty said agriculture committees from both chambers of parliament adopted a resolution urging the government to maintain the tax he said negotiators from other nations understand that japan situation but he said that does not exempt or pan from taking action ahmadi said negotiators are urging japan to work toward a high level of trade liberalization. japanese trade officials plan to resume working level talks with the us soon. they hope to achieve a breakthrough before president barack obama visits japan in april the prices on wall street pulled back slightly on tuesday market sentiment was dampened by the league a series of us economic data which were weaker than most estimates the dow jones industrial average lost. i just bought a fifth of a percent to end at sixteen thousand one hundred seventy nine. what's the latest on the japanese markets in the gut seemingly at the chicken stock exchange illegal mining high the market starting the training session today twenty nine stocks are trading lower. and the opening lev
force would be. us defence a tricky job he said the defense department they've done for brooke and wanted you to join as well as continue planning for u s participation in need own admission focused on training advising and assisting up on security forces. the by election security agreement would keep about ten thousand us troops in a contest on in the support or if mccain is karzai has objected to us manage the tactics in his country especially need some up on homes and said he was shown it is offered i deal with the divine minute and therefore it is sighing the obama administration has stepped in to too many americans needed to do an entire youtube quality is not signed. cuz i know it would have said that his success session on saturday to try and attack them honest on bullets and a chance to spring. the decision of president karzai to indicate that it is unlikely. the deal signed in the essay that his government negotiated this is obviously his decision but it's not because we haven't made clear it off the side if all the guys have stepped up criticism of obama with ac has b
self defense force will hold more joint drills with the u s marine corps to strengthen its amphibious ahanistan and sn and outside the prefecture on sunday. incidentally drills on a regimen that is tasked with protecting remote islands. the training was based on the scenario of landing on an island after anatomy and patient. james jump from helicopters and chopped or rather both strikers at queensland's eight. i'm in china think the same ad ten activities the defense ministry is planning to set up a three thousand member team. and japan's ability to quickly take back an island that has seen in faded. i'd like to treat troops to return to school with the us marine costs and uncertainty. and as he heads to set up a team as soon as possible. a masterpiece by the japanese at the kiel an artist and art the monarch has resurfaced after more than sixty eight the semi area's best man for his portraits of the beautiful women that were used to make her feel a wood block grants. note the net and got his two meters high and three point five meters wide. it's believed to date from the early ninete
secretary john egan said the defense department they've done for brooke and wanted you to join as well as continue planning for u s participation in need own admission focused on training advising and assisting up on security forces. the by election security agreement would keep about ten thousand us troops in a contest on in the support or if mccain is karzai has objected to us many key tactics in his countryof khan homes and said he was shown in table for dida with audubon minute and therefore it is sighing the obama administration has tricked into too many americans needed to do it entirely if the accord is not signed. cuz i know it would have said that his success session on saturday to try and attack them honest on bullets and a chance to spring. the decision of president karzai to indicate that it is unlikely. the deal signed in the essay that his government negotiated this is obviously his decision but it's not because we haven't made clear it off the side the stead of criticism off a bomb on the ac has been detached on the issue. yes the white tiles publicized accord between ob
we get fired up and we've been told it could be seen. south korean defense minister that they can and philip are believed to have a read of some two hundred km. many people be spending a lot but in response to the ongoing health cover yet you live through it to the street to help auditorium can and cannot be dated to the period thirty four that are prepared for any possible publication from the north. do you dispute you. our intention to one in our foreign experts to you on the latest missile launch by north korea we have on the line doctor can tell you a senior research fellow at the korea institute for defense analysis the caregivers for joining us now are two missiles fired to be a provocation from the north it mean what are kenyans intentions. over a period that the period compared to knit for it and apparently show for it the tool to improve the capacity to strike the very strategic. our thought life compared to you over if the two of they will always be overlapping time the club had been connected to think that if the time gone. who of the united states history if he cannot
been increasing military maneuvers it's based on the korean peninsula. that prompted nato defense ministers meeting in brussels to issue a stern warning to moscow now ukraine's new prime minister i say me get things set me up says he's focusing on the political solution urging russia to cooperate with ukraine. this is the man whose task it is to lead ukraine autobots crisis. pro european politician are singing gets a new parliament confirmed him as a new prime minister by a nearly unanimous margin. on the night and gets a new show himself to be a tough advocate of afro european courts. something he plans to stick it in his new office to show them so the new european integration as the central topic of the ukrainian government. it means visa free travel for ukrainian citizens. that means an agreement with the eu on political and economic integration with the free trade agreement. yet singles is only thirty nine years old but he's already served as parliamentary speaker. economics minister and foreign minister maliki faces gigantic problems political instability and billions in tax
. it was in the battle of the and the defense minister is this book to book the president of the primates. but the reason she too was kindly the supreme council of the un force its way onto the last hours. no one knew who is in its defense. we went to the to be known only to linger. he uses his continuation as defense minister should call him by his presidential bid. it's his decision to resign would have assured the that you run twenty ministers continue their positions from the previous cabinet for a bit irresponsible for two different ministries each the london at eleven today these meanings from the government has made his decision. all those who will cope with pain in the government and was getting foreign minister as a means to be christian to me it was responsible for many of mormon his housing ministry. to be a big problem with him because the people i know. no improvement from last week. just yesterday of the cabinet held a meeting with the interim president it might be the shortest cabinet to tickle for egypt as it could be sacked once the new president is elected in three months. ours had reje
's on the defensive. many decent honest republicans southern ukraine took the lead to demands by ethnic russians here's what's happening yet its quiet way of life. if you want peace prepare for war. this is the crying meander on to roads connecting the peninsula to the mainland here and here this is one of them. sandra is that local state and the content into a soul undesirable forces from the north. and this is why they're here. the fear that ukrainian fascists the country's ultra nationalists writes that the group helped topple president unocal beach. now many crimean so worried that such meticulous want to come in and can pandora's box what you will. we want peace in our country. what was happening to you if you don't want you to be with more cocktail or shown to me. this is a tranquil area in your sixties km away. now usually sleepy countryside is readying itself as a phone line. what miracles are preparing to become sponsors it was to fill him in the long war that could have been snow in alaska slick in spots but it could be the one to coexist peacefully. we are ready but apparently they don't t
's defense ministry as they called for an end to the conflict with ukraine yesterday russian president led them if putin said russia was of the rights to use or options to protect compact ritz you're living in terror in ukraine the force was not needed for now. pitching to know what the russian armed forces would direct indication of the seas yet the crimea saying the uniformed troops without national insignia when local self defense forces. on the ground in crimea a predominantly russian speaking pinion steering the bike seat tension remained high. russian forces fired warning shots in a confrontation with ukrainian service men and russian navy ships reported to be paid in the strait separating the ukrainian backseat peninsula from russia fan. a georgia man accused of being a russian intelligence agent went on it royally nice temple on monday for his alleged involvement in the mother of six home and check to separatists killed in a wave of assassinations in technique two of them and both of them russian citizens are acknowledging being tried in a sentient the prosecutors said in his openi
restructure the economy. the defense budget has seen double digit growth almost every year since nineteen eighty nine and that will continue. this year's defense spending will increase by more than twelve percent to about one hundred thirty billion dollars. he said that bettman will do more to address concerns about pollution and the wealth gap. she and water and soil condition is severe in some places. the cost of conserving energy and reducing emissions remains on tues and a promise that guy will severely punish servants and others involved in corruption. after the session. yes some delegates about these reports a team. i think the campaign against corruption should be more tightened up. it's also set out to report. i believe doing so. the company could hear the tone changes. he's the khaki it is a cd the basement. the finale of the most of them all. even knowing it will be some problem. atkinson we need to he too seems to us that the sun talk more about the government work report any state will still pull for scott has spent a day going through it to double its the bike talking about t
and great with the west for the kiev protests turned deadly. self defense groups in ukraine's crimea patrol the two main airports of the physical feats new authoritieshi him hot wars last line and gum on china condemns america's human rights record saying washington's failing to live up to its standards. left out in the cold that your struggles to deal with port's apprentice. despite millions of houses across the continents diving in the new . it's the dream it's good that speeds up the match which took four hours a day in his first news conference since being ousted from power ukraine's impact will present the connecticut which has vowed to fight on. speaking from southern russia he insisted he was still ukraine's legitimate leader and accuse heel position of staging it can do with the help of pro fascist forces. meanwhile the current authorities in kiev to stop the presses have yet to be expedited. these are the biggest job was in most of all moved on in russia to hear the words of defiance from the deposed president his eyes as he is imprisoned in a president is as positive and not in pe
's a clear provocation. he was forced out of his country but on future have already taken of defense the control of the peninsula will go live to moscow and cranny after this report. these heavily armed military units hand surrounded my knee is main airports. in deciding who gets an end to dismount the soldiers where you can see the ice and refused to say to his canadian borders the ukrainian government has no doubt. it says russia has sent in thousands of troops the new government and calls it an invasion the club. she seriously this russian presence on the territory of premium is nothing but a provocation the squirrel russia's attempts to draw ukraine into military conflict have failed. it's easy for the red sea in the building. nt and this is more than just a power struggle with moscow the leadership in crimea itself has taken an aggressively pro russian stance. the new prime minister of the autonomous region has taken command of security forces to move toward a referendum on tiniest future to the end of march and construction for assistance. judo she was in the last i ask the rus
even the streets of cities are patrolled by self defense squads. i am so basically local authorities are currently building their own independent defence ministry and the needy while ikea has been drafting have reserve servicemen. i choose to abort forster of the un. he then knew it she forces but so far only around one point five percent off these reserves showed up. lcc corpus can also lie that from that center awfully far thank you very much indeed. russia's foreign minister has responded strongly to criticism of his policies on ukraine. he was speaking am on the prices at the un human rights council in geneva it's easy to read into the sky now reports. there's a foreign minister has come down hard on critics of russia's actions particularly reminding the western leaders about the fact that they have supported the opposition in une the days of protests at the end of last year and beginning of this year and thereby essence of the contributing to the crisis in ukraine because their support for the opposition. essentially gave way to the radical extremists who have permeated all bran
the borders with russia reports on what it is the crimean sunset afraid. my knee and he's on the defensive. many decent honest republicans southern ukraine. appealing to many stately and make corrections here's what's happened yet its quiet way of life. if you want peace prepare for war. the crying meander on to roads connecting the peninsula to the mainland here and here this is one of them. says rising political sake of the content into a small undesirable forces from the north. the fear that ukrainian fascists the country's own to nationalists writes that the group helped topple president in the. now many crimean so worried that such meticulous want to come and open pandora's box. what you will. we want peace in our country who don't know what was happening to you don't want to be with more cocktail or shot or killed me. if this is the one to coexist peacefully. we are ready but apparently they don't seem unreasonable and teams stand shoulder to shoulder with professional officers including members of the special police unit which was disbanded by the end their mission is to lead an ant
self defense and stop protecting the rights of the russian speaking minority and resisting terrorists. but he added most and would only use force announced results it was new for now there is no need to use military force in ukraine southern region of crimea. russia has the option to do so yet. corzine paying down the threat of immediate invasion. he's keeping his options and ten. these russian warships steaming coffee stand alone on their way to crimea often and it's the most when he's not about to die down. of course you sent us to hold small brush and the two vessels on to the new clean sheets. needing to come down to the team is in control. the cowboys after class went to heal them are standing by in kiev as the sea of a misty and shrubs in kiev get it. the deal he's going to be told him to need as was the kremlin has said it does not recognize what it can be hoping to achieve getting used to that as i say it is a tell it anymore he told me she didn't end up not about now like status within the pasta alla he was in this area of the sled pay off his feet to the protests that he was
. small changes to has been that well said having an add on monday. the very beginning when the defense. the state expects to see. we think it's funny what they see as he got interested to see the bottom of us had to kick back. cold cold. the most astute fight to the funds can be used in a more transparent and flexible way the oscars. at the expense of fish i could pay for two thousand and ten at st michael got people almost exclusively bursting at the unit searched the patient x ray brooks pharmacy board but isn't this a therapy session as the acidity is key to the eighteen thousand patients some patients such as button called ticket to the hospital several months off of the entry and i get the full treatment is received with a very big difference in taste. that made a batch of cookie. it was into the program. blessed us with mentor and programs designed to try to tell doctors nurses and pharmacists is what is going like that but a strange stuff the korea strait the pdp the hospital a couple times it is just healthcare they head to the lost legacy nobody does it get the wood you just n
and done for moscow to make this a lot of the moscow based council on foreign and defense policy thank you for joining us again. the postman pat today we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are packed and two for today. let's go straight to the crimean the province there in the capital and douglas herbert of what is the latest at this point. ok one thing us why if you're not an ethnic russian or you're not a russian speaker. it's a pretty intimidating mood tonight you know one of the walking too much around the streets at least in the center of central pole essentially right now rusted phones the russian speakers up and dominate today are in control of the center of the city in control in the sense that you do not see any ukrainian from the street i've not seen any top cars on the streets which we saw thousands of them yesterday during those of skirmishes and from the parliament they've been practically invisible from the center of the city. we've had in their places to wrap it to a large contingent of russian speakers to writing from various parts of this province of crimea
this not drilled to test the combat readiness of the troops defense minister sergei show again said the exercises would not lead to what's happening in ukraine. biden said military commanders are taking measures to ensure the security of the black sea fleet and the freedoms based and sent us to hold a pro russian city in southern ukraine. us secretary of state john kerry warned pretend to respect ukraine sovereignty he said the us and russia did not need to get into what he called and told the court in cold war confrontation. residents of the eastern and southern ukraine maintain strong ties with lash out. this in the last one to move closer to your out. nato defence ministers asking them to keep the country in one piece this is from twenty eight member countries met at the headquarters in brussels they issued a statement commending the ukrainian armed forces for not intervening in the crisis facing nato allies will continue to support ukrainian sovereignty independence and territorial integrity. they see there is a key factors in the stability of central and eastern europe. i would say this demo
stunning defensive night. it cost to score any color to match. jessica is now on the cost of reaching the champions league quarter finals the last time since nineteen ninety seven to great effect. peyton will know. ryan tells me to model the design school has yet to see a pen and intolerance they missed seven of the cnet to make it to him and ended up using the taxes for ninety second pop over here to do without a hint eight years old had an offer of corning. despite conceding a goal chelsea manager lorraine year says he's not the particular diet. some other things that have two chances this post the rules we have five we score one and this is not a critique group of strikers like sometimes people. the sink is just as all of the profile of team would have rated in the eurozone to be amenable to make is to cycling in nineteen ninety eight. you know the routine daily and you can cost you more wiring than the result was the fact that they were never able to stand in the greek town in sarawak for the chairs around expects the economy to a new reed has anyone seen the one that many by goin
on as well so it's a work of immediate self defense but timely an awesome bead sets up in crime in the crimea they would have access to some very advanced equipment also these reports as well all the minutes the base of the tree and fields near the southern ports also boasts awful being seized items ukraine's interior minister saying that he considers got them all making station via russia opening so how will it end this situation the facts the already tense situation and in ukraine. what is difficult to see how it could help the tensions that we saw seen recently white suits and some sorrowful a protest with the crimean talks on someone's site supporting kiev ukraine. i'm pro russian groups. having classes as well as a protest here in the crimean capital city is running very high amongst those groups of crimea has been majority population of ethnic russians but also about a quarter of the population of the ukrainian and about twelve percent of ethnic talks up to their list of potential that for an exclusive mix of when. when these questions of bush also what the status of crimea will be up w
a position to boost its i don't think it the old saw goes up and evidence given to offer the defenses of it there been one of the soul it's nice to see. india has long been neglected by the government. so i'm happy to find a bloke called tomb in the region. in summation technology and pharmaceutical companies would become a shared state capitol that in the us. all students including me we haven't done that. these would have to develop the new packaging you can embed posted some sense in london and london to put it into said did not discussing the people of the cinema just a silly penalty to dump sand or mud or did it saturday. one city what did someone say the decision. the more common than what i would've gone his letters to montgomery's improve clinical issues couldn't get to the inevitable giggled and in the amazonian and diesel. it could be made. it will book out. oh one and uses them to do. in seeing it go though one of the ambulance outside the problem with the owner of the dough which you can do for money go. i've used up that is suing this is a little too near the dugout want
on the education of the campaign they let go. the russian company. language is to use wi fi in my case the defense that has two screens. such is the usual lcd screen its like e paper like you to read the text. the company is hoping to get it inspected they take the screen switches off. that is what penalty. his emails the market with the appearance. and. what the toll this new technology could help make it looks like thing. it's hard to fail exploits he fronts the crust is set to be the best in the wild is the speed connectivity and by the technology that connects with sky tv so we crossed a record so well that feeling and then. or i i know the ad the key word. i do. it was the eye. haha. it is the baby i think. she is. they are one of them. she's. heat the future. it is. it hit. i know. do. ch. the losing mobile. tuesday's stage is a little bit lost in since we don't really have. her records going back thousands of years. you know something about chinese culture and one it used to it. synergy of chinese martial arts techniques chinese from the coherence and useful arts the new and will win the t
and maritime interests they're likely to maintain the new concession stands the defense budget. the key question is whether the annual double digit expansion will be maintained security at the venue is tighter than usual after a recent mass stabbing attack in southwest china the conversational and thursday next week and i. is the prime minister then jen in a tiny hair is standing his ground over a peace deal with the palestinians. us officials want the two sides to reach an agreement by the end of april. us president obama met with nate and andrew at the white house and warned that time is running out. obama or state any added to make some concessions. but in the desert in. the these negotiations with the level of seriousness and commitment what's your readership. this goes beyond doing its part to say that the palestinians the celtics made it to seek a compromise in negotiations with palestinian president mahmoud abbas of us will visit washington later this month. officials with the international chemical arms once don say more than one third of the serious chemical agents who have le
was originally due to the plate the hokie defense force the real thing. after much negotiation. the match into a deal on it. in addition the date the site we would not travel with and the federation coldness and set them up to go ahead. i don't know why they change the mind. the match will serve to force the pc in ukraine. according to the country's new sports minister. of the friendliest of the stately cartwright will see to leave madrid while russia and to take home mimi at the craft. england take on debt market wednesday and france that little optional holdings in the french capital local hopes for sale or inaction against south africa and one of the funnest it seems to brazil belgium lady i prepared the cookies taking down fast ahead of the football world cup in brazil. but with one hundred days to get to full real estate uses still under construction and infrastructure problems says sharon about caffeine the general secretary admit it there's a lot of what to do. the fee for a working to two hundred kilometers per hour the cobalt set will accept remains as optimistic as ever. fifteen
the russian intervention they saw france defenses and defense minister in those images. he's called for an inquiry. back home into her osman an abuse of female soldiers is following the publication of a damning book here in the nation of posts europe's highest number of women in uniform. rachelle harrison explains this woman spent a decade in the french army. it only hurts the special album to show for it. filled with memories of a leaky case to the high range eighteen months ago. she says she was the victim of was sold by a superior. today she speaks no. sad that no one in fiji women s tuesday i went with our pain and he would call me on that to me infinite pains me he wanted to see me he was thinking of me that i would rather kiss nine extension. during the beginning i tried to reason with him calmly and gently enough to sometimes saying that in black. i miss them and sometimes even married friend and mentor he reacted very very badly during a business trip she found herself staying in the same hotel as adults. he summoned town for a meeting it's called carousel and behavior that
forces though to say that they are on high and that to the defense minister tried to reassure ukrainians this evening that they have what it takes to counter the potential in russian intervention of other expats disputes that name name of the prime minister us in the us and europe said that said he hopes the dress is in custody and ukraine would not go any further than it has already done with it. if that it's not very many would mean wall and the end of diplomatic relations between russia and ukraine in the same press conference he had also reached out to ukrainians in the south and east of the country the russian speaking regions saying that the ukraine protects all its citizens regardless of the night which they speak or what to say perfected gutsy and that there's no need to see reviewed this new government said in the kitties any kind of threat to russian speakers there was a sensible them it is like in a different areas all of the country because it very much varies from one region to the next. just how people are feeling right now of course the areas that people are watching it th
and only thirteen percent defense company said that they were there they were making in the maiden from stable at rt when they did their part to sing where you were you surprised by the snow began when i was not so surprise because then when you talk to purchasing professionals at the minute it took about twenty of the particle from. you talk about nutrition that the above cost reduction. you talk about dreams of a supplier that biting in your own country doesn't make any sense for them then the chart to ride europe and when you need to rest. his body look always looks the main point that it has some type of business when the shore into building business on tuesday you will buy you a call. because you have to prove it. some products you offer to buy the road in us. the sauce and french companies compared with that other countries send companies in france since the day many will be enough to stay. it was interesting because your nose and say that you do what we can pick a choice of biting in france. yup tomorrow is the best products. on the other way in us the awesome scene called by the
as for the ultimatum the ad the russian defense ministry and this is now according to russian media sources of calling it utter nonsense you know the year the regional talk of this ultimatum was i a russian news agency report. interfax cited someone close to the ukrainian defense ministry. it was hearsay based on hearsay based on hearsay. you have to take everything very prudently in a story like this on a lot of the russian news agencies in particular have the most to you you almost feel like you can use to tyneside as sounding boards to lead to float. sometimes you know rumors and theories. suppose the facts that turned out to be on refuted afterwards of what i can tell you is the situation the past couple of days here from where we are in the administrative capital of the crime yes in pro ball has been really extraordinary on and surreal at the same time. um it's not a classic coup d'etat in the sense of personal coup d'etat czar typically internal affairs states again states. this is it's basically green men in camouflage uniforms who as i actually now have their own twitter has tagged the silent
out of the west stands by what he calls a legitimate defense russia's interests front of the first remarks since the ouster of ukraine's president of moscow's use to you. ukrainian cancel out the specific afp us secretary of state calls russia stands an act of aggression. he's worried about things for them dressed in eastern ukraine washington back in the ukrainian authorities to the billion dollar aid. and in other news cairo bands hamas has activities on so well this is the head of egypt's on the drops his strongest hint yet that is running for prez. all are sure has put a military maneuvers across its border on hold. there's been the first talks between unity government says ukraine and russia high level contacts the announcement coming by ukraine's prime minister art sydney. he gets a new hours after a surprise press conference by vladimir putin the russian president's first pronouncements since the pair were twenty second ouster of ukraine's president viktor yanukovich. they use in weekend that preceded the smallest especially the eastern regions of ukraine and people that au
of the city of all the common defense. liz did want to thank speaker seems like the size and print edition as in dousing the pa said in a statement. heidi anticipated a point ahead of the un human rights council debate next month. that's good or that action on the issue. they recommended an independent international inquiry mechanism that would contravene it's astonishing that took the domestic untidy mechanisms how they and thousands of civilians but can't afford any missing off twenty five year conflict between government forces. i would come and tigers and it took me two times a night didn't i get out but souths government has consistently denied the claims credit and tax. yes the un policy chief and teach him on his said the biggest town in the country is facing is coming in this and he also said this on to defeat a strong contender against the cpc that ministerial candidates running to what the play begins on tuesday and this includes the move and she too was ahmad the body on our skin b. any dee was going and getting off course in edmonton into the trees in new delhi on monday that c
. so i know and i guess this author readings and assist with remote sculpture and say that and defense of religion miss them. i need is to animal services while antony supply at hackney wet to stand on the london is an ideal society football case breaking who hire it. and that of offices. well drink also may no be big business in the cooper will be kids experience the joy of coming here to shop to order your project. umm whatever else the next generation of thing folks might come up with in future. is that with darren ford san juan. in london. i had. you can the chic or just ended and prison sentences for years for people who took part in two thousand to protest its present one defeat. hundreds of supporters gathered outside the court as to condemn the trial commenced crackdown on opposition for doing so they were arrested including leading question this and i'll exceed all day and two members of the concrete span was right. the four new she washed out bridge what. and four. can you. this is so kami and i just opens a tease as they say it was then the lines laid plans two pdt because t
but to teach the house. the next game she says that the defense present a prisoner's head is essential for maintaining security. parkinson there and that now we're into thailand and b can take a deputy prime minister and foreign minister sir opponent of a tight charcoal has proposed inviting united nations to help the country was sold its current political crisis so called cope with the un secretary general ban ki moon on wednesday morning to discuss possible ways out of the crisis he said the un might be the most visible body to media a peaceful talks between the opposing sides. here's the thai people to be open minded and not to think of it as foreign intervention. on wednesday anti government protest is from various rallies scientists gathered outside the national police headquarters in bangkok. they demanding justice for five people including four children who were killed and two separate attacks over the weekend. at least twenty people have been killed since protests to overthrow the government of being auctioned a lot began in november last year. us president barack obama has bee
that and defense of religion miss them. i need is to animal services. i didn't need a supply and as we went to stand on the company is an ideal society. it's my fault he's thinking who hire it and that of offices. well drink also may no be big business in the corporate world. he can still experience the joy of coming here to shop to order your project. umm whatever else the next generation of thing folks might come up with in future. does that put darkness for san juan. we love them. i have to. british police have detained the guantanamo inmates. three others on suspected terrorism offences related to syria. mo is on page forty five since at least three years he went on a more upright before being released without charge in two thousand and five was detained at this time in central england on suspicion of attending training camp at facilitating terrorism and the city's police was seen searching his house and leaving evidence including vehicles and electronic equipment. the forensic examination. off to his release he founded human rights organization page business which will result in a huf
soon to become the world's largest exporter. on the defense find the random system could escape uncertainties in the last possible. lining the pockets of these meaty ministry in castle complex nobody wants to talk about because everybody is empty and this is the area. some of the month. to put the stones over there appeared with a sunroof the idea fees that the limits of them. here's a funny scene in close combat team cars in the waistband have also given a space age weapons like the canyon and tumble i sold my films. and now something that even honey which is copping a gun that shoots around corners. and as controversial as his tools we spent family and is a state of the art security system is being copied in on america's borders with canada and mexico. i think and that is the most excitement the country because they are developing something this thing immediately in the field. so their engineering. one interesting goes directly to the army and can see he is adored they develop its good enough three years of working on these documents be built on is adamant. there is the only w
or show up on dates back to mid may comes around it was the first nations summit to germany's new defense minister was enough on the line. she called on russia to cooperate in managing ukraine's crisis this was known as the sunni interests not just in germany but also nato and russia the ukraine find its way back to stability and we can only come up with a solution by working together. the turmoil in ukraine is a headache than a tent. several member states shall border with the country they don't want its divisions to deepen. with the speed of the ukrainian on olson's of behaving professionally during its domestic crisis and will sadly be encouraging them to continue to do so representatives of the ukrainian government and religion will join mensa for talks in brussels on thursday in other news to islamist extremists have been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of british soldier and the brigade in london last year. rigby was run over and stabbed to death by a man in full view of shot craps. the attack provoked both anger and revulsion of cross for his family has welcomed the head
war to crack posting about depreciation us trained cc can this be the jets' defense ministers since august two thousand and twelve has already secured the support of the country's top when the tea party. many egyptians ccc has a strong leader needed to become instability. despite the fact he actually has the so called bus experience across much of the country has just been posted on walls and so was a rusted out praising his credentials. recently he made the highly publicized visit to russia in which he negotiated a lucrative arms deal. i managed to secure the blessing of russian as the mother to pretend. the i hope in sixteen oh one people at a boarding school in all the snow a teary up in shops and bent it back into stoppage time like islamists minutes and read all around during the pre dawn attack of the federal government college of fundy of the twenty four off the school's buildings including stockport as on fire by mr taught respect for windies will post a shot that one of the dead but tonight's police or young men the insurgents use my it'll come around translates as western
defense ministry officials say north korea has fired four missiles towards the sea of japan. they say the missiles were launched at around five forty pm local time on thursday from the eastern cool coastal city of one son in a north easterly direction they say the missiles are thought to have a range of more than two hundred km. south korean and us troops began joint military exercises on monday analysts suggested the possibility of provocations on the part of the north as pyongyang has condemned the drill. the us and south korea are watching closely for further actions from the north. a group of south koreans who they say were forced to work as a wartime fact region and have filed a lawsuit. they are demanding compensation from their former employer fourth plane has filed the suit on thursday and the district court in the southern city of one jew they're asking for about five hundred and sixty thousand dollars for mitsubishi heavy industries the former workers say they were forced to engage in a large labor when their nation was under japanese colonial rule. the lawsuit is the seven
in crimea house being on expressing openly pro russian view was and i have been forming self defense units to protect them and to protect the entrance to the cds this picture so this situation than in the state's hands and of course the tension of the building not that into it daria of those experts even speaking to a given the increasing tensions in the russia majority crimea peninsula. from what i've been talking to you how likely is a numbing this is the question is of people wondering how likely is it that russia will take action well they say that it isn't like a rational to direct military actions and said boots on the ground according to russian ladies can protect the interests of its citizens on in their countries outside the shop that means they have a russian military including russian military but is patient and calm but are they saying that russia will soak up most likely non elitist human ear this to the sound daft military activists here to read reels of but they said her mother russia is unlikely to withdrawl from that spirit to race and despite the pressure from the canadia
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